A Dreamy Anniversary Session

For their one-year anniversary, Camille and Jeremy booked me for a couples session at their wedding venue, The Olana (Hickory Creek, TX). As the gate opened, I drove inside the grounds. I immediately found myself pulling over to the side of the road and grabbing my camera. I just had to capture the monolithic venue that the Olana mansion truly, in the best way, is.

It is an experience like no other when you walk here. It is no wonder why this is (in my opinion) one of the best places for an anniversary photo session. The concrete structures, fountain features, and stonework is inspiring for anybody. But the inside is where it all comes together. The fresco painting on the ceiling, the huge mirrors and seating areas, the maze-like hallways… It makes you feel like you’re either on a beautiful ship or in a 1700s era winding corridor. One of my favorite spots is the sunroom. There is so much natural light pouring into the space via its many windows, and while it is sparse in furniture, it doesn’t need much of it. The room speaks volumes in its color scheme, and is easily captured through its glass doors.

While portions of it might not be able to be accessed during a visit, there are so many options to walk around in and take photos at, indoor and outdoor. Camille and Jeremy absolutely stole the show with Jeremy’s light brown suit and Camille’s beautiful floral dress — us wandering around a mansion made them look even more magical. Camille was one of my mentors when I was in college, and being able to capture both her and Jeremy’s wedding (and this session) was really special to me. On top of that, it being a familiar place made my creativity flow so much better. And honestly how these two interact with each other is magic enough already.

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