How I Photograph Your Wedding Details – Marissa Manzanares

It really is true — “Details create the big picture.” — as quoted by Sanford I. Weill. The same can be said about wedding details. On a wedding day, they are design and creativity combined into one setting. In a gallery, they are pockets of air and breath that allow us to appreciate what mementos we desired to be present. And for me as a photographer, it’s the part of the day I hold my breath the most. I allow the objects their space and give each one it’s time to shine.

Truth be told, detail shots are beautiful memories in themselves. Each object typically holds some sort of value to us — no matter what it is. A photo of a loved one, a pair of shoes, a watch, a gifted hairpin, a class ring… each holds its own place in the image. And it’s a lovely thing to look at.

This is why I spend a good portion of my time with you as you get ready, devoted to getting these kinds of shots. Your details are truly unique to you both, and they should be. It is an honor for me to capture these for you.

Sample Gallery

Here is a sample gallery of some of my favorite detail shots! You’ll see how in some moments I took the item itself and gave it some space. These are so special and really give the item a chance to breathe. That or I incorporated it into a “detail scene” and therefore a flat-lay. Browse through these and let me now which one is your favorite!

  • Shot captured by my second: Vanessa Martins
  • This photo taken by my second shooter: Vanessa Martins
  • Photo by my second shooter: Vanessa Martins
  • Taken by my second shooter: Vanessa Martins

Love how I capture details? Send me an inquiry and let’s talk about how I can capture yours!