An Elegant Wedding at Marty Leonard Chapel & Thistle Hill Mansion

I first arrived at the Marty Leonard Chapel in Fort Worth earlier in the week to tour the space. I was in awe of the simplicity and grandness of this nestled-in location. There is so much to take in when you walk through. It boasts a repetitive nature about it — elegant, minimalist light fixtures are placed like buttresses lining the walls. Even more tower above in formation. A table sits at the end on the elevated stage, hosting an open Bible and two opposing candelabras which go up towards the ceiling. So simple and stately. This Fort Worth wedding chapel is truly captivating from the moment you walk up to it.

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Sierra and Isaiah stood with all their families on either side of them, as they exchanged their vows with love and sincerity. My favorite moment was while the minister spoke on what marriage is and how love is a choice that we make every day, Isaiah looked at Sierra and whispered “I love you.” As they held hands, with blessings being given to them and much prayer offered, they then walked down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Flores.

Shortly after, the guests and wedding party made their way over to Thistle Hill Mansion. This historical building has been restored to it’s original 1912 rendition, and rests on just over 6 acres of land. And it’s triple-level grandeur is a sight to behold. It hosts a big green area around it, where the guests lounged in a garden-party style, and where the live band played all night.

Marty Leonard Chapel & Thistle Hill Mansion

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