My Photography Style – Marissa Manzanares Photography

On every consult call, when I first meet a new potential client, I tell them about my process on a wedding day. When I arrive, what I start photographing, how long this or that takes… we talk about several things! But one of the most important things I mention, is HOW I photograph their wedding day. This is where I talk about my style of photography.

Different Types of Photography Style

Photography style varies from photographer to photographer, and truly is an art form. And each artist does their work differently. For some, they might focus less on involvement with their subjects. Others still might be very involved and interacting frequently. For me, I like to think I’m a mix of both — candid in the moments that call for it, but always there to help direct and make the couple feel comfortable. I sum it up with the word “storytelling”.

  • Sundance Square, Fort Worth TX

Overall, I am just telling your story. Each part of the day is just as important to me as the last, and I like to know which parts you are most looking forward to. What matters most to the both of you. My second photographer and I spend as much time as we can on those moments, and focus on them.

I find when I photograph in this way, my best art comes forth. I am able to tell your story, capture all these hidden yet beautiful moments (even the ones that neither of you get to see), all while focusing on the front-and-center things happening. We make sure every detail has it’s time to shine. Every important interaction is accounted for, and we are there to help in every way that we can in making it a smooth day for you and your loved ones. It truly is our joy.

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