A Romantic Garden Wedding Portrait Session

Last year, Pauline and Eric didn’t get to have their original dream wedding. Like many others, they decided to have a smaller ceremony instead, last May. And while they do have sweet memories from that day, they didn’t get to have wedding portraits taken, a common experience newlywed couples have after they say “I do”.

The experiences of many couples last year prove that life was a little less than ordinary. When I photographed my first Wedding Portraits Session this past January, I realized how needed this kind of session was. It was a chance for couples to dress in their wedding attire, and showcase their newlywed glow. They get take romantic portraits together just like they would have on their wedding day.

When Pauline reached out to me and asked about my Wedding Portrait Sessions, I knew it would be the perfect way to celebrate their love and have a magical time.

To plan for our session, we discussed a few locations, including which ones we liked best. Pauline told me they really loved the idea of taking really romantic photos, just like they would’ve on their wedding day. I was all for it of course, and we planned out an epic, gorgeous shoot. And when rain hit the forecast, I bought us some beautiful, clear umbrellas as a precautionary measure. It only drizzled for a few moments during our time, and while in the stunning A Women’s Garden, we managed to get some dreamy shots of them holding one. Pauline told me later she had always wanted a photo like that.

We wrapped up our session with some sweet moments as I had them focus on each other, and take a few minutes to wind-down and forget I was there. I waltzed around them on all sides as they swayed, smiled, talked, hugged, and celebrated the moment. They finally got to take their newlywed pictures! These wind-down moments are always my favorite moments of every session, since with every couple it is different. It’s a totally unique way to end the day.


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“She is a 12/10 photographer.

She was absolutely wonderful to work with and made us feel really comfortable. I got her information from a friend and they said she had the exact style we were looking for. She really encapsulates real couples. She isn’t someone who is going to over-edit, create over dramatics and make a stuffy atmosphere. She is the sweetest, honest and really down to earth person who loves her job! After getting my engagement photos back I cannot wait for my wedding!

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