Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cake ideas can be found almost anywhere. Pinterest, Instagram, this journal post… and there are so many wonderful cake designers out there that it’s easy to feel like you have a plethora of options! This is a good thing. Cake designers especially, when you present your vision to them, often have ideas of their own that will really compliment and enhance the inspiration you’ve gathered. Whether you want to keep things simple, or go all out and have your wedding cake lowered down from the ceiling, you’ll love the following wedding cake ideas!

Also, check out Camille & Kyle’s Wedding Gallery which features one of the most beautiful cakes I’ve ever seen!

Special shout-out to these excellent wedding cake designers

Morgan Pearl Cakes (4th photo)
Cynthia Irani Design
Cakes by Tayte

“She is a 12/10 photographer.

She was absolutely wonderful to work with and made us feel really comfortable. I got her information from a friend and they said she had the exact style we were looking for. She really encapsulates real couples. She isn’t someone who is going to over-edit, create over dramatics and make a stuffy atmosphere. She is the sweetest, honest and really down to earth person who loves her job! After getting my engagement photos back I cannot wait for my wedding!

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