What is a “Bridal Session”? – Marissa Manzanares Photography

Many people overlook bridal sessions during the wedding planning process. In this post I’m going to outline what happens at a bridal session, their purpose, and why you should schedule a session before your wedding day! (And if you’re a photographer, why you should offer them as an add-on for your clients.)

You’ll get bridal photos on your wedding day… but not like this.

It’s true, as a photographer I can tell you that you will get a lot of photos of you in your dress. But typically they are in the form of “getting ready” photos, a first look, etc. You can expect some of you with your dress in your wedding gallery, but the amount of photos and the time focused on your bridal details is un-matched to a one hour bridal session.

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This is when we get to take our time (without the pressures of a wedding day) and wander around either your venue, or a different, dreamy location of choice. As a photographer I spend a lot of time with couples on a wedding day. But there is just something about a one-hour, focused time of fun and laughter and gorgeous detail shots that we just really bond. There is an atmosphere of comfortability, and a trust is formed.

What typically happens during a bridal session?

Sometimes brides will opt to come to the session already in their gown, while others prefer to change at the location. Another option brides consider is bringing a bouquet, a veil, or other accessories or pieces of sentimental value. (Pro tip: I highly encourage bringing a bouquet or something to hold in your hands! It helps with nerves!) Once you’re in your dress, we start walking around to begin our session.

A little about my process:

My process is editorial, yet spontaneous. We might stay in the same spot but you’ll see me take different angles of you looking at your dress, or through your veil. Or I might be 15 yards ahead of you or 6 feet to your side, just capturing the glow of the sunset around you. Regardless of how I’m capturing them I want my brides to have a pleasant, chill experience, yet feel like a model. Absolutely stunning.

Why do people want bridal sessions, anyways?

There are a few reasons why couples choose to take them, but whatever the reason is they are typically done before the wedding day. Maybe it’s to have an album of styled photos of you in your gown, and details of it’s appliqué. Or to simply have on display at home or on your wedding day. Whatever it is, I highly encourage having them. It’s another opportunity for us to be even more comfortable with each other, and for you to be familiar with how I work, before your wedding day!

Bottom line, take them for you.

For that dream photo album. To be able to say you have them. To have more than just a few photos of you alone in your gown. In addition, a bridal session helps you feel more confident and used to walking around in your dress and in your shoes, in wearing a veil, and it gives you an excuse to dress up!

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