Winter Engagement Session | Tips and Tricks on What to Wear

So you have your winter engagement session coming up, and you don’t know what to wear to keep warm in the frigid temps! I have good news for you — you don’t have to wear sweatpants or a baggy sweater to stay warm. There’s a way to add to your luxury outfits, while not being distracted by how cold it is! Keep reading for tips and tricks on what to wear for your upcoming winter engagement session.

Thermal leggings under long gowns or dresses help keep your legs warm in the cold.

I bought these from Costco and I am so glad I did. I highly recommend them to any brides who need some very stretchy, thicker-than-tights/thinner-than-leggings that fit great. They also work flawlessly with tight jeans.

A stylish peacoat goes with almost any outfit.

Whether it’s paired with a dress, suit, sweater, or even a blouse, a solid-colored peacoat brings a well-rounded look to any outfit. It’s an easy way to enhance an already beautiful ensemble. It also offers some variety in your gallery since you can take off your coat for some of your photos! This particular coat seen above can be found here.

Keeping hair down or covering the ears, or wearing a hat will help with any cold wind.

I own a Gigi Pip hat myself, I can testify how fun and stylish they are to wear almost anywhere, with any outfit! Having your hair down or in a low bun covering your ears will help with any cold wind during your session. See where you can purchase this Monroe hat, here.

Bring a thick blanket to throw around you between location spots.

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to accommodate thermal leggings if you’re wearing a short dress for example, or you simply don’t want to wear a hat! In any case, I highly recommend bringing a thick blanket along to huddle under as you walk from one spot to another. It will make the shoot more bearable and fun (and your photographer might have you use the blanket as a prop to wrap around you both!). Get the blanket above, here.

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